Best part of my day

Today a 6th grader gave me a birthday present made by her. On wednesday she told me that she is going to bring a gift on saturday that is today. As international teachers day is around the corner , I thought its a teachers day gift. But the sweet child remembered my birthday and made a cute flower vase with a milk bottle. She stuck a blue lace in  the middle a red one above it , bits of colour paper at the bottle neck and a small bunch of wool as a flower. She cut paper into small cubes to cover the bottom and to make it look nice.

The child must hv spent sometime to get it ready .and the time and energy she spent to decorate it  to please me really touched me . Any readymade gift doesn’t have the value of her gift.

The love and affection children show is invaluable and they are really God in human form doing things selflessly. I thank that child and will treasure the gift.